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About Us

Real Estate has been my life long career. I have had the privilege of working in many different phases of the real estate business. I worked for several years in the Upstate with a well know appraiser and I gained a great deal of experience learning how to value homes. My next wonderful opportunity was working with Frank Hammond who at that time was on the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. Working with this company opened many doors for me and after five years with this company, I decided to open my own innovative brokerage company. The for sale by owner market was what I decided to specialize in. I created and published one of the first “forsaleby owner” magazines in the Upstate. In addition to this our company, the Real Estate Connection, was voted the “Best in the Upstate” for two years in a row. lAt that time we had 19 real estate agents and we had moved into our own location. After having my company for 5 years and publishing the forsalebyowner magazine, I decided to have a website instead and we actually had one of the first :”forsalebyowner” websites in the South. Laying out and publishing the magazine became much easier and our magazine went to color and we kept adding pages and kept growing. After 12 years I became a grandmother and I decided to scale back my business.At this point I began investing in real estate and we bought several rental properties. My grandchildren had moved to the Low Country to Charleston and after much thought I decided to move to Charleston, S.C. and work in a brokerage there to help my older daughter. In the meantime God gave us another little girl who was barley three years old. Hannah really became my main focus also. After coming to Charleston, I decided to open my own brokerage here and I also decided to focus on the flat fee business and servicing and consultation with for sale by owners. I named my new brokerage “Creative Listing Services Team” and we have been one of the active flat fee mls and creative real estate marketing companies in the Tri County area.I am a grandmother with four precious grandboys who are my “little loves” plus I have a precious 16 year old daughter who has brought so much joy into our lives .I thank God each and every day for the wonderful husband (Jerry) who passed away April of 2015. and the wonderful grandboys and daughters that He has given me.I love the real estate business and I really enjoy working with for sale by owners and I enjoy negotiating contracts. I am also an investor who uses private lenders to purchase property and I offer a good return on their investment. I am also the President of the Charleston Real Estate Investors Assoc. and I really enjoy this opportunity to work with the investors in the Charleston area.What a blessing and a joy to work each day in a business that you love!!!!!!